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Borsche Digital, LLC has been developing web sites since 1998. Some of the web sites we have created and maintain are listed below.

Pathways to Eagle is a Boy Scout Merit Badge weekend event held in Bolingbrook, IL each year the first Saturday in August. This web was first developed in 1998 for Pathways to Eagle IX. Each year the web site has been updated and enhanced. The current web site contains a complete online registration system for units and individuals. Most of the information on the web site is created dynamically based on the current date and information contained in a database. In addition to what you can see there is a complete administration section to the web site to allow event information to be added and updated for display.

Facts4Me is an online reference tool for primary readers of English. This site is written by teachers and is committed to offering high-quality, educationally-sound information in an ad-free, child-safe environment. The information for each topic and subject is stored in a database the the site administrators can change, add and update as needed.

The Family Photo History Project was created and developed by Borsche Digital, LLC to help families save, share and protect their family photographic history. Each family gets a password protected website to save, organize their photos. In addition names, dates and other information can be added for each picture so that information can stay with the picture.

At Borsche Digital, LLC our job is to help you establish and keep your World Wide Web presence current for your business.

No job is too small for us!

Remember there is more to a great web site than a pretty face.
Your graphic artist makes your web site look good,
at Borsche Digital, LLC we make it work.

Please review our policy on copyrighted material before submitting any photo, images, or content.

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