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SEO items that can upset Google
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The width of your web site is important.



Today many people have wide screens that can display wide web pages, but not everyone. Also, don't forget that today people view web pages on their cell phones, Smart Phones and PDA's. Consider your viewer when designing your website.


As we all know Google is the biggest search site today, and they are always trying to keep the playing field as level as they can. Back in the 2010 holiday season JC Penney was number one on Google for many search items. Then Google discovered that JC Penney was using some elaborate link schemes, thus increasing the inbound links to their site to increase their page ranking. The result was they went from the first page to much lower ranking ranking. If it can happen to the big companies, it can happen to you, too.

Here is a list of some items SEO (Search Engine Optimization) items that can get you in trouble with Google:

  • Duplicate content More that one site with the same content raises questions as to which is the original and which is copied.
  • Links to you from link farms or unrelated sites Don't buy links to your site and be selective of reciprocal links. They need to make sense.
  • Getting too many new inbound links in a short amount of time Big changes in the number of inbound links doesn't look good.
  • Keyword stuffing Over doing keywords or trying to hide them (white letters on white background).

The goal of this newsletter is to provide you with information and ideas that will allow you to improve your web site and your business.

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