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Last month's the topic on "Cloud Computing" was about using remote applications. This month's topic is web applications that can be added to may website's. These web applications are a form of cloud computing in that all the user needs to run the application is a web browser and an internet connection. The most common is the email request form that the visitor fills out to generate an email to the website owner to request additional information. Another basic application is a coupon that changes weekly for the visitor to print off and use.

Another common web application is a member login area. After the member logs in they get access to additional content. Often the content is specific to the member, like when you access your bank or credit card account on line. You can view your transactions, pay your bills, update some of your personal information etc. Other common member area application, include Facebook, Twitter, eBay and Amazon.com.

When a person can sign in and see special content that applies to them as a group or individual the are much more likely to spend more time on you site and return more frequently. Do you have content that could be added to your website to encourage visitors to become members? The more times that a person visits your site the more likely they are to recommend you or to purchase from you.

By adding some interactive functionality to your website you can give visitors more reason to spend more time on your site and to return later.

Call Joe at Borsche Digital, LLC today at 630-310-8612 to set up your free web site evaluation, a $100 value, to see how we can help your business by improving your website functionality. Is there a web application you would like to add to your website?

The goal of this newsletter is to provide you with information and ideas that will allow you to improve your web site and your business.

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