6 Basics every web site should have
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Using Flash files for web site navigation is good.

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Keeping track of where your business comes from is important.

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Lots of text on web pages makes them search engine friendly.

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The 6 Basics every web site should have:

  1. Fast loading – A fast loading page will help keep the users attention.  If they get bored by a slow loading page they may leave your site.
  2. Consistent look – As you move between pages on a web site, they should all have the same basic look.  This confirms to the visitor that they are still at your site.
  3. Easy navigation – It should be easy to find your way around a web site. You want navigation and links that make sense and are easy to use.
  4. NO missing images – “A picture is worth a thousand words.” so be sure that all your images display properly.
  5. NO broken links – This can be a RED flag to visitors that says “I don’t care about my web site” This is not good for business.
  6. Descriptions for all images – All images can have a description as part of the web site image that will often display when you mouse over the image. This description is very helpful to search engines.

The goal of this newsletter is to provide you with information and ideas that will allow you to improve your web site and your business.

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