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The width of your web site is important.

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Your home page is the most important page on your website.

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How long it takes a page to display is important.

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Some one said that when a person first looks at a web page it is like reading a billboard at 60 mile per hour. This means that you only have a few seconds to get your message or main idea across before people move on to the next page or website. With such little time it is important to draw the visitors attention to the one main purpose of the page.

When people visit your web site they need to identify VERY quickly several things:

  • Who owns the site (company name and/or logo)?
  • How do they navigate the site to find what they want?
  • Is there enough easy to see/read information so that they feel this site contains what they are looking for?
  • Is it obvious what they should click on next?

It seems that people are willing to try the first link that looks promising rather than spend a extra few seconds reading to make the best choice. If a visitor has to spend 10 seconds to determine what your site is about or if it is what they are looking for, then they will probably leave in less than 10 seconds.

I look forward to providing you with information and ideas that will allow you to improve your website, so that it can help improve your business. Remember when you talk with customers ask: "What did you search for to find us on the web?" so you can starting thinking like your customers.

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