8 Things to check before 2009
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Flash movies make your web site look great and help with search engines.

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Your home page is the most important page on your web site.

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Lots of pictures will help my web site with search engine rankings.

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  1. Does each page have a title that describes the content of the page?
    A page title that is just your company name is better that no title, but not by much. The worst is a title of "unnamed page."
  2. Is it time to update the pictures and/or images on your web site?
    Changing some of the pictures or images on your website occasionally will help give your website a fresh look.
  3. Is your content old or stale?
    It is a good idea to update and refresh your content so that people will have a reason to return to your website.
  4. Do you have any way to track the visitors to, and the activity on, your website?
    You should check out the statistics supplied by your hosting company, or install some kind of website activity tracking system such as Google Analytics.
  5. Do you have the correct keywords for each page?
    When people search on the web they enter "keywords" and/or "keyword phrases" to find what they are looking for. What "keywords" and/or "keyword phrases" are on your web pages to help people find you when they are searching the web?
  6. Does your web page description do a good job of describing what your web page is about?
    All web pages have a hidden description field to supplement the content on your pages to help the search engines index web pages correctly.
  7. Do all your images have descriptions?
    Since search engines cannot see what is in an image, you need to add a description to each image on your web site. This will give the search engines more content to work with.
  8. When was the last time you checked your website for missing images or broken links?
    When images don't display or links don't work, it makes your web site look bad. That can hurt your business. Be sure to check any links that go to other sites or locations.

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