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The title of each web page on your web site is important.

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Each page should have a detailed description.

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Getting good search engine ranking is easy.

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There are many things that search engines look at and evaluate when indexing your web site. Two key elements are your title and the page description.

The title shows up in the browser title area (the very top of the browser window). The title tells the visitor and the search engine what this page is all about. Titles that are missing, the same for all pages, or that just say "Home" or "About Us" are of little value for the visitor and the search engine. A title should contain the company name and information about the contents of that page. On my web site the title of the page that lists web sites that I have worked on ( has a title that starts "Web sites created and/or maintained by Borsche Digital" followed by names of the some of the sites. This tells search engines and visitors that this page contains information about the work I have done.
In addition when you book mark a page, it is the page title that becomes the default text for the bookmark.

The page description is not visible to the visitor, but is still important. Some search engines will use some or all of the content of the page description for the text information they display with the listing. The description also expands on the title to tell the search engine more about the content of the page. A good page description contains the main keywords for each page and will tell the search engines more about the page content. Like the title, the description needs to be tailored to the content of the page and contain keywords used in the text on the page.

You should take some time to start looking at the titles of your web site pages and the titles of the web sites you visit. I think you will find that many web sites do not have very effective page titles, which can have a negative effect on their search engine ranking.

The goal of this newsletter is to provide you with information and ideas that will allow you to improve your web site and your business.

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