5 Things that annoy people
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You should use as many keywords as possible on you web pages.

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Text alt tags on images are not needed.

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One long page of information is good.

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  • Clutter
    If there is too much clutter the main point of the page may be lost.
  • Scrolling sideways
    Most people will scroll up and down but most do not like to scroll left and right.
  • Too much animation
    A web site that uses more than one animated image tends to be distracting and not professional looking.
  • Too many different fonts
    Lots of different fonts and font colors are distracting and make the page harder to read.
  • Pages that are long
    In most cases if a visitor has to page down more than three times to get to the bottom, the page is too long
What annoys you about web sites you visit?
Does your web site annoy visitors?

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