Photo restoration and digital photo archive prices.

Digital photo album start at $110.
Create a digital photo album of 30 pictures with background music on a DVD or Video CD.
For $110 we sill scan 30 pictures or items (up to 5x7) and do minor adjustments on each. These 30 items will be put into a slide show (montage) with transitions between each picture. You can provide background music to be used for the show or you can select something from our background music list. This slide show will be placed on a DVD or a VCD as a movie for you to view on your TV or computer. The original images are also included as JPG files on the DVD or VCD, this also serves as an photo archive to help prevent the loss of you pictures. You can then take it to your local photo location and get prints made.

No job is too small for us!

We do reserve the right to refuse restorations where the damage is excessive and/or the final restoration would be unsatisfactory.

Please review our policy on copyrighted material before submitting any photo, images, or content.

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