Ways you can save your family history for future generations

Tell stories
Talk with your children and grandchildren about your youth and your adult life. You may be surprised at how little they may know about your younger years. Your children may not appreciate your stories but your grandchildren may love to hear the stories of your youth. Keep in mind the many times people do not get interested in family history until it is too late and there is no one left to answer their questions. So now is the time to start recording the information in stories and as notes with the family photos.

Photos in albums, frames and "shoe boxes"

  • Go through the pictures and carefully write on the back with a soft pencil (number 1 or 2), who is in the picture, when and where the picture was taken, what was the occasion (wedding, birthday, etc.).
    When writing on the pack of any picture if you press down very hard the picture will get indented by the pencil and show through to the front of the picture. Also use pencil because some inks will fade with time and may damage the picture.
  • Check picture frames for additional pictures. Many people will store other pictures under the picture you can see in the frame.
  • Be sure that photo albums are made of acid-free paper; this will help prevent damage over time from the acid in some papers.
  • Create a photo album from that "shoe box" of pictures you have.

Military history.
For those who served in the Armed Forces, take some time to go through any pictures or other memorabilia you have, and make notes about what the items are, and where and how they were acquired. Be sure any old photos have names, locations and dates on them. For some of you, your memories of the years in the Armed Forces may be something that you do not want to remember, but your children and grandchildren might like to know that you served your country and what you did, in general terms. Remember your military service is part of your family history and is worth preserving.

Digital photo albums.

  • By creating digital copies of individual photos and/or photo albums you can easily share them with family members.
  • With digital photos you can print as many copies of a picture as you want.
  • Prevent the loss of your family photos from fire, flood or other natural disaster. With digital version of your family pictures, you can keep copies in different locations by sharing them with other family members. So if your copy is lost or damaged you get a replacement from one of the other copies you gave to family members.
  • All of your children can get a complete digital photo album of the family with out fighting over who gets which pictures.

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